Yosuke Ito

Wandering Gaze, Reflected Landscape 2006

This project, entitled Wandering Gaze, Reflected Landscape, focuses on the dark corners of a city. The voids between
buildings in a city are usually filled with plantings. However, this is not always a positive landscape design or a
reforestation, but rather, the passive filling up of those spaces. The spaces are also lighted up to inhibit crime, but this
is a totally negative light, which means the eye must artificially lighten the darkness in order to account for the
absence of true light. In these urban spaces, the plantings and the light are strongly linked, projecting a negative
image of global society today.

I, a wandering observer in cities, capture the relationship between the plantings and the lights in a small black box
(that is, a camera); then project it inside the gallery, which is like another black box in the city, reproducing the
landscape using reflections of light. At that moment, a metaphor and a reality are fused each other. Then the dark
corners of a city are sublimated into a positive meaning as art.