Yosuke Ito

Circulation 2012


With upheaval spreading around the world, what can we make of our current global situation? Like looking in a
mirror every morning, we may check numerous sources of information. On one hand, in Japan we witnessed that
everybody could experience weakness, loss and suffering from unexpected circumstances - the great earthquake
and tsunami. Morerecently we saw the Occupy protests spreading from Wall Street to locations all over the
world. They seem to cry out for recovering some common ground, both material and spiritual.

These incidents show images in a mirror that is not always stable and flat. Fact was not reflected in the mirror,
more perhaps somewhere between the incidents and the reflections. If the mirror that we look into each
morning does not reflect fact, then is the mirror evenreal? Now, everything is in interconnected, circulating on
a global scale and has the possibility to be upset.

Art has a function to rouse people to look at the structures of the current world and show something in
between. This two-person show creates a dialogue and exchange of ideas between artists Michele Kong (NY) and
Yosuke Ito (Tokyo).