Yosuke Ito

Release/Remaining 2003-2004

In 2003-04, Ito had a solo exhibition entitled "Release/Remaining", which travelled fromTokyo(Japan) to New
York (USA) and Lier (Belgium). Visitors were encouraged to make paper  airplanes and to throw them onto
horizontal nets of rubber strings which had been strung from  wall to wall. Lights shone from the floor onto the
walls and through the nets, so that the   shadows of the paper airplanes on the nets were projected onto the
walls. In this exhibition, the paper airplanes represented a means for communicating messages. Some of them
slipped  down  from the nets, but the nets gradually filled up with the airplanes, symbolizing "a hope for  
communication". As the lights projected more and more airplanes onto the walls, a sense of  actual
communication began to unfold.